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Pooky puppy story
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In the world that the best thing the dog could be is only the best pet for any human.

One day.. There is a Pomaranian named Pooky! she has an idea of freedom everydog in the world of pet thing .. she heard that in Metaverse dog can do thing more than just being as a pet.

She gathered all dog in the world. and tell all of them that. "We are going to move to the new world now. Where we can talk, do anything we love for everyone who love us. to the new world to the Pookaverse!"

And we pooky puppies we have a plan ! here it is! "The Pookyverse". the new world that every pooky will has freedom and opportunity to grow and shine together let build it big grow it sustainably way!

Pooky Puppy NFT
pooky puppy nft

Pooky Puppy NFT is the 3000 unique adorable pomeranian metaverse. you can name her the way you like with the suffix [.pooky] and your puppy name will change at the Opensea. token name and description as the dynamic metadata! sound coool, and it get updates on the Opensea! so holder will get the random on-chain discount rate (upto 20%) each pooky nft will have different discount rate (the more % the more rarity) it will be used for discount anything in the Pookaverse (future project). only this generation will have this property. Discount rate will be generated at the mint time. for the fast giveaway. So every 200 pookies minted will be giveaway 720 MATIC to one lucky minter! that it!? No! the minter who mint the last one at token number 3000 will get special 1700 MATIC amount ! join our discord for more info !

Road Map to Pookaverse
  • Phase 1: Public sale open! no whitelist. Weekly game contest, giveaway during the way of public sale the giveaway machanic will be run automatically with no control until sold out the last minter will be get the jackpot giveaway.
  • Phase 2: 1st sharity donation when Pooky puppy sold out. (could be change) release pooky male generation. and that is the fist adopter will get discount. and breeding system will be the next station.
  • Phase 3: Breeding system release (free + gas). Pooky puppy land in Pookaverse (in the sandbox game). this time hopefully pooky puppy world has a strong community. So try to partner with other world to make a stronger community and make pooky NFT more functional.
  • Phase 4: After finished land buying in the sandbox game we well combine it together and make a real Pookaverse!!.. we know it really long way. but with the lovely community. we must try!
Pooky Puppy Team
Founder Avatar
Daytime farmer, Nighttime developer, that everyone call him and yess! he is the dog lover
Founder Avatar
The pooky artist. she has a strong passion about helping dog. give them the opportunity to live the better life.
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